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Example of Persuasive Essay: Incarceration vs. Rehabilitation

Example of Persuasive Essay: Incarceration vs. Rehabilitation

It is a complicated task to write a persuasive essay about prison. Whether prison is designed majorly for punishment or for rehabilitation is a long and entangled debate which has been going on for multiple years. There are some people who think that others have only be locked up during the time they are dangerous to society or themselves, while many other people are sure that prisons are designed to keep “undesirable” people away from the society.


If you are assigned to write a persuasive essay on the topic that concerns prison, you must take a firm stand from the very beginning and support it with all the arguments you have. Such kind of essays benefit from numerous resources, including emotional appeal, appeal to logic and reason, anecdotes, and statistics (if you can get them). Therefore, choose your opinion and describe it in your thesis statement. Here are some good examples:

Thesis 1: Prison is definitely rough and complicated, but most criminals deserve it. If they do not want to do the time, they should not commit a crime.


Thesis 2: Prisons cannot guarantee full rehabilitation. It is not enough to simply put a person in jail. They should be given something to come out of prison to, therefore they can be responsible members of society in the future.

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The main body paragraphs of the paper have to support your thesis. Write down an outline for the points you would like to make, and ensure that they will complement to the ultimate point, which is set out in the thesis. Make sure to present no fewer than three strong points in defense of your thesis. If you cannot think of at least three points, your thesis is probably not strong enough, so you should come up with a better one.


The concluding paragraph is probably the second most important part of an entire paper. Here, you are supposed to shortly summarize all your key points and end the essay with a call for action. This way, you will make the audience involved beyond just reading your essay. Your readers should want to do what you are asking them to do and have to realize why this has to be done. Here are some effective examples of conclusion.

Conclusion 1: Prison is a hard experience, and that is absolutely fair. Criminals do not deserve an easy life, otherwise, they would not be criminals. Almost all of them must be kept out of our society. Would you feel good if you were mugged or beaten, and the person who did it was not punished?

Conclusion 2: It is not fair to lock a person away for the rest of his or her life. Deep in our hearts, we realize that it is not justice unless a person is a real danger. Take a good look at your conscience and see whether you want a person you loved put in jail for years just for an insignificant offense?

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