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«Legally Blonde»


Legally Blonde is a musical film, the lyrics to which were written by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin. The musical was first performed in San Francisco, California, and then moved to Broadway in April 2007. It tells the story of Elle Woods, a sorority girl who fights the stereotypes of being a blonde within the society. She loses her boyfriend, Warner, as a result of this under the pretense that she is not serious, despite her finding a perfect dream dress for the occasion in the song ‘Omigod You Guys’. Elle later registers at Harvard Law School only to be closer to Warner and tries every trick to win him back to prove to him that she is very serious. Even as she thinks her world is falling apart after losing her boyfriend, she discovers that her knowledge of the law can assist others, thus successfully defends queen Brooke Wyndham in a murder trial.

Understanding Theatre

Likes and Dislikes of the Musical

I like the plot of the film, which shows the resilience of a girl facing stereotyping and discrimination even from the people she cherishes most. Despite the stereotyping, Elle Woods remains a very intelligent young woman and fights this segregation because of being blonde. She remains very determined, idealistic and very optimistic even though she is not liked simply because of her hair color. She uses her intelligence and determination to fight the stereotyping to prove that she is just like the brunettes. Even though at one point she is tempted of going brunette to avoid the stereotyping and win back her ex-boyfriend, she is encouraged by the fact that one’s appearance does not matter in the play, but the ability to express the lyrics of the song. She strongly and effectively plays the part against stereotyping. This is a lesson and it brings the moral of the film that requires people to remain firm, resilient and focused when confronted by discouraging working environment that considers appearance as a primary factor for obtaining work.

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Her resilience and determination is displayed in the Serious (Reprise)”when she gets a costume and walks into the party as a Playboy Bunny. Though she realizes that she had been tricked by Vivienne who failed to make her appear brunette, she moves on to seek Warner courageously but fails to impress him. This discouragement makes Elle run away from the party, only to meet Emmett, who attempts to understand her love problems. Emmett helps her to assess her priorities until she understands that it is her obsession with Warner that prevents her from gaining his respect. This is strongly presented in the ‘Chip on My Shoulder’ musicals. After this encounter, Emmett realizes that he loves her and after being freed from her obsession of wanting to please Warner, she discovers her ability and defeats him in a classroom debate.

Later, the strategy by Emmett works for Elle. After being freed from the obsession with Warner, the ex-boyfriend respects Elle ones again and proposes to Elle, after been dumped by Vivienne, but declines the proposal with a reason that she found her way and that she had been changed by the experience. Finally, Elle proposes to Emmett, and Emmett accepts to become her boyfriend. Elle Wood’s resilience and determination makes her follow her dreams and earn respect including from people like Warner who disliked her just because of the color of her hair.

Conversely, I don’t like the storyline of Elle wanting to change her hair color to brunette as a result of the pressure and to avoid stereotyping. This desire is prompted by the constant dislike, firs,t from her boyfriend Warner, and then her snobby classmates who constantly disapprove of her attire. At one point, Elle is sent out of class by the bloodthirsty Professor Callahan without a reason, but only at the suggestion of her classmate Vivienne Kensington, Warner's new girlfriend. She ignores the advice given by apparitions of the sisters of Delta Nu who through a chorus only visible and audible to her tells her to remain positive. Instead, Elle quickly concludes that being blonde is the cause of her problems, thus resolves to become a brunette. Elle then walks to the Hair Affair salon where she meets the spunky Paulette. This is a sign of unassertiveness, trying to change who you are because of other people’s preferences. Despite the stereotyping, Elle ought not to have thought of changing to brunette.

Actress Who Stood out

Elle Woods, who is one of the main actresses, stood out in the musical having mastered her parts so well, having clear voice with right protections and being able to portray to personalities, for a resilient actor who chases what she wants and fights stereotyping and that of a non-resilient actor who loses hope because of her adversaries.           

How the Technical Aspects Help or Hinder the Performance

In this film, Aristotle’s six components of drama (plot, character, theme, diction, and music) have been fully met. The plot has been well planned with every story building and leading to the next from Omigod You Guys’ to Finale’to clearly bring out the plot of fighting stereotyping. Characters are also well organized, having clear vocal projections and each playing their parts in a timely manner, occasionally alternately or at the same time. The theme of resilience and determination has been well brought out in the play to fight hard until the end and remain positive despite the challenges and stereotyping experienced. In the end, Elle, the sorority who was discriminated upon because of the color of her hair, graduates with a high honor and wins another lover Emmett who is expected to propose to her. Diction was well brought out, with characters swiftly and easily changing from low to high tones that clearly communicate the intended theme and swiftly interchanging singing with spoken messages with fluctuating volumes. Finally, the music was well blended in the background depending on what followed and the mood of the performing character.


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