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It is a well-known fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of academic papers are assigned to students all over the world academic every year. High-earning grade and average students are not spared of the task of essay paper. However, it is important to keep in mind that essay assignment is not the only activity that students should be involved in each day of the school weeks. In fact, today’s school life requires students to be engaged in other assignments and activities, such as sports competitions, math problems solving tasks, volunteer activities, and all other school tasks. In addition, there are also many family matters or household that should not be disregarded. At the same time, there are many peer activities that make students’ life more fun. So, the question here is how to find a balance in the student life between academic life and other activities/hobbies.

But to the majority of students, that is almost impossible. It is definitely not easy for most students to write even the easiest paper, let alone balance their college life or high school life. What are the reasons? What are the most common challenges faced by students while writing papers? What makes students use sample papers and example papers as their personal research?

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Below you can find the top answers given by students when they were asked about it:

1. Good essay paper writing takes so much time.

Essay writing consumes a lot of students’ precious time, since they should do references’ research and then write a few drafts first before making and coming up with the most suited essay. Some students are used to doing things at the last minute, so quite often they need a paper within short deadlines.

The reference list will serve as the backbone of the paper. If you have no references, there will be no profound wisdom in whatever kind of the presented information in the paper. Students have the possibility to use different forms of references, for instance, books, newspapers, journals, magazines, interviews from credible individuals or even internet sources. There are a variety of possible references that can be found anywhere, however, the hardest part is to choose the right one which will help the most. It is a difficult task to read or even just look through all the readings and take the information necessary for the essay. It is a tendency for many students to write several drafts.

Students who graduated already know and totally agree with the saying ‘practice makes perfect’. Usually, the organization of ideas is a tough challenge. For that reason, students are obligated to write a couple of drafts first, read and re-read it in order to be confident that ideas are well-organized in accordance to how a student desires it or according to the given teachers’  requirements.

2. The process of writing the paper limits the time which could have been spent on some other family activities, school events, or peer entertainment.

As it was mentioned above, the majority of students agree that the writing process takes most of their time. Consequently, it results in not being able to be involved in other activities, aside from just working on the essay. Students find themselves being out from other important things in school. At this time, they should prioritize the paper instead of their families or their friends. Finally, students have no other option as to put themselves to their first duty and finish the writing task.

3. The paper writing is a big challenge for many students since writing any essay for that purpose is not in any way their personal desire. 

It is true that there are people who are not good at writing at all. Such people are those who could barely organize their thoughts into writing. Those people definitely prefer oral communication rather than writing.

Having mentioned all these real problems faced by students when the paper is asked from them, how is it possible to say that the system of education is successful in bringing up positive learning outcome for students? There is no doubt that papers might just be one of many requirements at school, but they are amongst those that will break or vice verse make a students' grade.

For that reason, students are truly worried about their essays. Their papers can be the main factor why they would pass or fail the subject.

In case you are the one of those students who seriously are worrying for paper... you can rejoice and jump high and erase all the worries you had in your mind before. Why? For the reason that our essay service is ready to help you!

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