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Non-Plagiarized Essay

People who say “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” have clearly never taken academic work into account. Students caught copy-and-pasting their essay assignments can face serious consequences, including expulsion. Writing original work is the only way to avoid trouble.

See, when you are merely lifting published work without attribution, it goes beyond imitating and into the category of plagiarism. Students who think they can get away with plagiarism should think again. Teachers and professors are fully aware that the Internet is full of different documents, journals and books from which students can access information, and will do everything to ensure that their students are not plagiarizing. How?

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Teachers and professors have several options for checking whether their students are writing original essay work:

1. Using websites that check essays against everything that exists on the Internet

Perhaps the most popular and reputable website that teachers use to check papers for plagiarism is Turnitin.com. After becoming a member of this site, teachers can upload their students’ papers and instantly determine whether they contain plagiarism and, more importantly, to what degree they are plagiarized. Not only is the software able to detect the specific parts of the paper that are plagiarized, it identifies the specific websites where the information comes from. When the copied text is found, the student has essentially been caught red-handed and it is impossible for the student to talk his or her way out of their predicament.

2. Making use of plagiarism detection software

Some teachers and professors download cheap plagiarism detection software that allows them to check essays against an online database whenever they want. Eve is one such example of an effective type of program. Priced at only $30.00, determining whether or not a student has plagiarized is easy to do.

3. Checking the papers by hand

Many professors diligently comb through the references/bibliography section of the paper to verify the authenticity of the students’ work. They also pay attention to the quality of the student’s writing, especially as it relates to consistency, since a sharp increase in the student’s ability could be a sign that he or she simply plagiarized the paper.

Given their experience and high level of intellect, educators are not easily fooled. They have spent years reading essays, and in many cases they determine whether or not a paper has been plagiarized based entirely on intuition. They know that a non-plagiarized essay contains proper citations from reputable sources and understand that a student in high school or college is likely to write something somewhat unpolished, but with good intentions. In other words, a paper that sounds way to articulate has likely been plagiarized.

When a student is short on time, plagiarism sounds like a tempting option. It can be achieved quickly and ensures that the paper is turned in within the deadline. However, getting caught plagiarizing can lead to serious consequences. In fact, your academic career and even your future employment opportunities can go up in smoke if you make the wrong decision. This is why non-plagiarized essays are the only option.

Why You should not Plagiarize

1. You might automatically fail your class

If you turn an essay in to your teacher or professor and it comes back plagiarized, you better hope he or she takes pity on you and allows you a second chance to resubmit it plagiarism-free. Less sympathetic educators might simply fail you and not give you a chance to take the class again. Imagine trying to explain that to prospective employers!

2. You can be booted from college

If you attend a really strict university, you risk a very good chance of expulsion if you are caught plagiarizing. The thought of appearing before a stern Academic Honesty Board and begging for mercy would be bad enough, but imagine if they reject your pleas. One little mistake could impact your life forever.

The bottom line is that ordering custom, non-plagiarized essays are your only good option. You are in luck because you can receive our essay writing services at a cheap price and have peace of mind knowing that you will never be accused of plagiarism.

What can We Do for You?

Essay-Experts.org is a reputable online academic essay writing company that has been helping students all over the world with their research papers, master theses, and PhD work in all fields of academia. Once you order a custom, high-quality, non-plagiarized essay from us, you are both accomplishing your academic goals while fulfilling the non-plagiarism requirements of your learning institution. Not only can you buy great online academic work at a cheap price, we guarantee the best non-plagiarized essay on the market.

How Is this Possible?

Our team of writers is a large, diverse group that possesses degrees in virtually all academic fields. They must pass a series of rigorous tests and go through an academic credential check before they can start producing their great, non-plagiarized essays. All you need to do is fill in the order form and list your requirements. Our administrators then match your essay order up with the most qualified writer. Once your order has been completed, it passes through.

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