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How to Write a Great Interview Essay

Whether the process of writing an interview essay is something you are accustomed to or not, it is wise not to underestimate the importance of interviews in one’s life! This is irrespective of whether an essay is get into college or part of a job application. Seizing every opportunity to make your essay as good as possible is crucial. Words are powerful weapons! In the event researching and/or writing causes you problems, choose the most qualified and experienced writing service online to help you.

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Deciding What the Interview’s Purpose Is

Whether writing an interview essay or conducting an interview, you first need to understand what the aim of the essay or interview is. For the purpose of this guide, let us say the interview is to fill an accountant’s position and to interview a short list of candidates. The position requires very specific qualifications including a finance degree, good accountancy skills, and experience in this field. The successful candidate must show they are highly-motivated, a self-starter, and hard-working. The interviewers appreciate that each party shares a common goal that needs to be established and achieved during the interview. The goal is to identify the best fit for the accountant’s position.  The second objective is to make some determinations about the product e.g. what it will look like and what form it will take. When deciding the goals of an interview, it was necessary for the interviewers to ask themselves the following questions: what is the reason for holding interviews instead of looking at other available sources with a view to collecting information? What is the product expected or required from the interview?

What Is the Best Way to Write Interview Essays?

You can use online interview writing services or you may choose to write your own essays, but whichever you choose, the format of these essays is another very important aspect to consider. Interview essays can be formatted in the same manner as any academic text (i.e. in the APA, Chicago, MLA, or other referencing style). Put time aside to study the different formatting styles to ensure your writing is a success. Be careful about how you quote various authors. Pay close attention when creating a references list or bibliography at the end of your paper. Correct formatting is taken into account in the grading process so do not overlook its importance! It is not possible to write an effective paper if you do not have a solid plan, which means a well-organized outline. Interview essays have a standardized structure; so how to you write them?

The Essay Introduction Paragraph

The next question is how to write an interview essay? The starting point is the introductory paragraph where you should look for a good opening sentence or “hook” to get the early attention of readers. Look for a good opening sentence (e.g. a statistic, quote, joke, anecdote, or metaphor). The manner in which you begin will determine if readers will read to the very end.

An integral part of the interview essay format, and this applies to most types of academic texts, is the central thesis statement. This statement expresses the most vital information about your paper’s topic. Make a note of the interviewee’s name, their title or social standing, and give a brief explanation as to why you think they are the best option for your story. What do you want to tell the world about the chosen candidate, and why?

The Essay Main Body

The usual format for a written interview essay is similar to the standard five-paragraph genre of essay. Each paragraph in the main body should present one piece of important information, which is set out in the first or opening sentence and then reflected in the subsequent argument in that paragraph. An interview essay should include a minimum of three key ideas. The information you provide should represent any lessons you want to share with readers. Emphasize why the subject is worth attention.

Concluding Paragraph

The conclusion is the final paragraph, and this sums-up all key arguments and provides feedback/comments on the interview/interviewee.

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